York Mystery Plays

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Interviews with 2016 participants

The Archive of the Mystery Plays holds a number of interviews with people involved with the Plays from 1951 onwards.  Sound clips are available by searching the Archive for pages with 'Interview'.

Not yet available as sound but transcribed into text are four interviews conducted in summer 2016.  You can click below to read the interviews with:
Lucifer is falling

Actor Toby Gordon, who played Lucifer and for the last four performances Jesus 

Actor Joe Hopper, who played soldier Malchus (below) and for the last four performances Lucifer
Joe Hopper as Malchus

Director of Music Richard Shephard, who related his 2016 work to that in 2000.  Dr Shephard dies in February 2021.Dr Richard Shephard

Assistant Director of Music Connor McLean, who successfully took his Music finals at the University of York whilst working as Dr Shepherd's indispensible assistant. 
Connor McLean