York Mystery Plays

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Creatives of the 2016 Production

Written by Mike Poulton
Directed by Philip Breen with Becky Hope-Palmer
Designed by Max Jones with Ruth Hall
Music Director: Richard Shephard
Movement Director: Ayse Tashkiran
Fight Director: Liam Evans-Ford
Lighting Designer: Tina McHugh
Chief LX: Adam PoveySheherds with sheep
Sound Designer: Andrea Cox
Head of Sound and Production Sound Engineer: Ken Hampton
Video Designer: Douglas O'Connell
Design Assistant: Ella Callow
Technical Support: Alan Bartlett
Producer: Nicola Corp
Production Manager: Joan Humphreys
Technical Production Manager and Technical ASM: Paul Veysey
Production Co-ordinator: Stephanie O'Gorman
Production Support: Laura Cookson
Stage Manager: John Pemberton
Assistant Stage Managers: Emily Humphreys, Sophie Robyn, Rosie Ward
Assistant Stage Manager (Rehearsals): Robert Perkins
Assistants to Music Director: Connor McLean, Danny Purtell
Props Supervisor: Beckie May
Props Assistants: Scott Thompson, Mark Kesteven, Donna Taylor, Anna Kesteven, Catharina Golebiowska, Paul Lazenby
Scenic Painters: Rory Davis, Anna Roberts, Christine Bradnum, Frances Connor, Matt Grace, Sarah Grace
Costume Co-Supervisors: Fiona Parker, Lorraine Ebdon
Costume Painter/Distresser: Janet Spriggs
Workshop Supervisors: Fran Brammer, Kelly Reagon
Wardrobe Mistress: Sarah Colebourne-Viggers
Hair and Make-up Supervisor: Deb Kenton
Wigs Mistress and Asst Supervisor: Jules Greenan
Communications and Marketing: Sharon Atkinson, Stacey Healey
Communications: Leanne Woodhurst, Emma Farley
Digital Communications: Tom Outing
Photography: Duncan Lomax
For interviews with Richard Shephard and Connor McLean see this page
Christ suffers carrying the Cross
Print Design: Sally Walker
Front of House Supervisors: Helen Batchelor, Teresa Collingwood, Emiliana Fois, Rebecca Healey, Susan Mason, Tom Outing, Lisa Power, Hannah Taylor
Sound Operator No1: Lucy Baker
Sound Operator No2: Javier Pando
Sound Engineers: Graeme Asher, Richard George, Greg Pink
Radio Mic Assistant: Lisa Catton
Tortoises were welcomed to the Ark 

Tortoises designed by Max Hall