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Photographs : 1998 York Early Music Foundation photographs

Item type: Photographs
Archive reference: YMP/A/16/4
Date/year: 1998
Description: Smaller photographs of the 1998 York Mystery Plays production, held by York Early Music Foundation, which began the Early Music Festival and now is the parent body of the National Centre for Early Music.

1. Adam (John Major) and Eve (Barbara Adams) of the Poppleton Players. Eve hands the apple from the Tree of Knowledge to Adam.
2a-d. Creation Day 5 from the Guild of Building's Play 'The Creation of the World to the Fifth Day.' 2b and 2d show fish in the waters under the Earth.
3. Jenny Skeels.
4. Death of Christ by Howdenshire Live Arts, showing Christ (Julian Rendall) and the two thieves (Matthew Pickering and Chris May) and Longinus (Martin Smith)
5. The Creation of Adam and Eve, The Wheldrake Players. Shows either Malcolm Smith as God or David Baker as Adam.

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