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Press Cuttings : Letter of praise in paper, 1998

Item type: Press Cuttings
Archive reference: YMP/F/16/5
Date/year: 1998
Description: York Evening Press letters page 18 July 1998.  Mrs E Fagon writes in praise of that year's wagon plays.
"I wish to express my thanks to all the citizens of York and their children who took part in the production of the cycle of Mystery Plays on Sunday July 12.  The colourful costumes, wagons,scenery and dramas show what talent and enthusiasm exists in York and what hard work goes into these excellent performances of street theatre.  The response of the audience and the enjoyment of actors and audience (in spite of the weather!) was good to see.  A fitting climax to York Early Music Festival!  I look forward to next year's production."  Mrs E Fagon, Calverley, Pudsey.  With photograph of audience under umbrellas.
wet audience 1998

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