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Publications : Play: The York Realist by Peter Gill

Item type: Publications
Archive reference: YMP/K/5
Date/year: 2001 and later
The York Realist is a play set in a farm labourer's cottage outside York in the early 1960s, focussing on the relationship between the two main protagonists, John and George. 
The back cover of the text reads:
'When the farm labourer George is cast in an amateur revival of the York Mystery Plays he meets the Assistant Director John, who wants him to move to London where he is working in the theatre. George's final decision has repercussions for others as well as himself.'
World premiere production by English Touring Theatre, November 2001. 
Filed in NCEM Publications, YMP/K/5.  Author Peter Gill based the play on his experience as Asst Director in York in the 1963 Mystery Plays.
A 2018 revival in London and Sheffield used information from the NCEM archive to inform the programme and an education pack accompanying the play. 

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