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Publications : Book by Eileen White, York Mystery Plays

Item type: Publications
Archive reference: YMP/K/4
Date/year: 1984
Booklet by Eileen White about the history of the medieval York Mystery Play. Chapters as follow:
36 page colour book published by the Yorkshire Architectural and York Archaeological Society, priced £1.95. Gift of Karen Hodder to NCEM.  Printed by William Sessions.  1984; 2nd edition 1991
Sections are: Introduction
1. Organisation for the Play
2. Bringing out the Play 
3. The Performance
4. The End of the Play
5. Other Plays and Entertainments in York

Includes several sketches and black and white photographs of York through the centuries, as well as details from stained glass windows and manuscript facsimilies of the York Corpus Christi Play.  Eileen White has also published on Tudor York, medieval York and on medieval food.
A copy of one of the pages with music is on the website's Music page.
Eileen White Frontcover
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