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Chaos and Creation

The Fall of Lucifer

The Angels Drive out Adam and Eve

The Animals Enter the Ark

Mary sings the Magnificat

Shepherd's Rustic Dance

Herod's Fanfare

Pilates Meditation

Chorus of the Redeemed

Music : Recording of 2000 music

Item type: Music
Archive reference: YMP/I/2/4
Date/year: 2000
Description: YMP/I/2/4 is a  CD recording of musical highlights and biblical readings taken from the York Millennium Mystery Plays performed in York Minster. 
Composer and Musical Director: Dr Richard Shephard MBE.  
Introductory readings by Rev Dean Ray  Furnell.
Asst Musical Director: Edward Jessen.  CD production: Rob Parker.  Recording Engineers: Richard Appleby, Chris Barlow. Richard Benne, Steve Ralph.
Ebor Singers: Alice Daines, Paul Gameson, Rosie Heighway, Stephen Jackson, Graham Kirk, Anna Molyneaux, Jen Ord, Clare Steel-King, Helen Vasey, Debbie Viles, Christiana Woods.
The Band:  Oboe: James Stephenson; Clarinet: Sharon Storey, Mark Thompson; Trumpets: Adam Micklethwaite, Alastair Long; Horns: Julian Small, James Freeman; Percussion: John Williams, Jane Boxall;
Cello: Sarah Gildford; Organ: Gemma Webster.
37 tracks from Chaos and Creation to Chorus of the Redeemed.
The NCEM holds an interview with Dr Shephard as YMP/C/6/1.
Dr Shephard was also Musical Director for the production of the plays in York Minster in 2016.

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