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Delma Tomlin Personal Folder : 2010 Wagon plays cast list

Item type: Delma Tomlin Personal Folder
Archive reference: YMP/O/5/5
Date/year: 2010
In 2010 there were twelve wagon plays performed on 11 and 18 July.
The Programme (filed as YMP/B/26/1) includes Forewords by Patrons Dame Judi Dench, Professor Margaret Rogerson, Revd. Dean Keith Jones, Ian McMillan; and by Chairman of York Guilds and Companies, Roger Lee.
The Co-Directors were Lesley Wilkinson and Paul Toy, the Producer was Ben Pugh. For some photos, see this page.

The Plasterers Pageant of the Creation of the World to the fifth Day, brought forth by the Guild of Building, Director Tony Ravenhall, Wagon Master Tony Neal.
God - Steve Bielby
Whale - Tony Neal, Assistant Whale Matthew Bielby

The Armourers' Pageant of the Expulsion of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden, with the Glovers' pageant of the Tragedy of Cain and Abel, brought forth by the Gild of Freemen.
Directors - Becki Nicholson and Ruth Syminton, Wagon master Adam Harland
Adam - Adam McSkimming
Eve - Rachel Johnson
Angel - Barbara Miller
Cain - Tim Holman
Abel - Samuel Valentine

The Parchment makers and Bookbinders' Pageant of Abraham and Isaac, Brought forth by York St John University. Director Kay Hepplewhite, Producer Gweno Williams, Wagon Master John Merrylees. Players played all parts - Sinead Campbell, Helen Hancock, Janny Magnus, Jessica Murray, Amy Williams

The Pewterers and Founders' pageant of Joseph's troubles about Mary, brought forth by Heslington Church. Director Lee Maloney, Wagon master Alan Gillott.
Joseph - Bob Cummings
Mary - Claire Morley
1st and 2nd Maid - Edith Millan, Nassira Cheref
Gabriel Adrian Tellwright
1st, 2nd, 3rd Angels - Sarah Morley, Madeline Lilliman, Jemima Lilliman (also named as 4th Angel)
Trees - Ellie Willcox, Emily hayes, Grace Freshwater, Alex Freshwater, Rachel Clarke, Maya Appleyard, Philippa Smith, Hannah Weaver, Abigail England.

The Girdlers and Nailers pageant of the most tragic Massacre of the Innocents, brought forth by Square Pegs Theatre Company, St Peters' School. Directors David Newell and Tim Coker, Wagon Master Elspeth Taylor, Puppet design Raven Kaliana.
Herod - Freddie Wintrip
Counsellors - Ellie Banks, Georgie Grant, Harriett Hare, Nicole Paskauskas, Dewi Sarginson, Hannah Tolley, Bekka Taylor
Mephistopheles, and Messenger, and Violin - Charlotte Terry
1st and 2nd Soldiers - Aaron Anthony-Pillai, Elliot Elstob
Women, and puppet operators - Ellie Binks, Dewi Sarginson, Hannah Tolley, Bekka Taylor. massacre of innocents

The Curriers' pageant of the Transfiguration of Christ, brought forth by the Lords of Misrule (current and former students at the Centre for Medieval Studies at the University of York).
Director, Laura Elizabeth Rice, Set Design, Michael Brenner of York Civic Trust, Wagon Master Brad Kirkland.
Christ - Mark Burghagen
God - Sean O'Brien
Moses - James Wright
Elijah - Ehren Mierau
Peter - Russell Comrie
James - Cyrus Malekpour
John - Suzanne Fatta
Peasants - Jane Nancarrow, Luca Wollny, Bill White, Rachel Backa, Kate Thomas, Ellen Schmidt, David Malinsky, Robert Sager, Chloe Stubbins, Sandeep Manohar, Anna Longjaloux, Debs Thorpe, Rose Drew, Chelsea Shields-Mas, Deborah MacKenzie, Max Way.

The Cordwainers' pageant of Christ's Agony in the Garden, and of his betrayal into the hands of his enemies by Judas Iscariot, brought forth by the Parish Church of St Luke the Evangelist for the Company of Cordwainers. Director - Mark Reilly, Set Design Lyn and Mark Comer, Wagon master Paul Smith.
Jesus - Mike Tyler
Peter - Mark Comer
James - Simon Usher
John - David Rushton
Angel - Anna Sheppard
Annas - Dion Smith
Caiaphas - Martin Sheppard
Judas - Trevor Gant
Malchus - James Tyler
1st, 2nd, 3rd knights - James Sheppard, John Stier, David Smallwood
1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Citizens - Sally Bridgstock, pauline Wright, Joyce Costello, Vanda Nendick

The Tapiters and Couchers' pageant of the Prophetic Dream of Pilate's Wife, as Jesus is accused before Pilate for the first time. Brought forth by York Settlement Community Players with the Company of Merchants of the Staple of England. Director Graham Sanderson, Wagon Master Ian Lowther.
Pilate - Maurice Crichton
Dame Percula - Vicki Hill
Beadle - Matt Pattison
Handmaid - Janice Lowther
Devil - Charles Hunt
Caiaphas - Julia Gregory
Annas - Sue Skirrow
1st and 2nd soldiers - Lol Henderson, Andrew Jenkinson
Jesus - Andie Cowan

The Shermens pageant of Christ, Cruelly beaten and led up to Calvary, brought forth by the Company of Merchant Taylors. Artistic Director Lindsay Ibbotson, Pageant Master Alan Appleby.
Jesus - Robert Goldsborough
1st, 2nd soldiers - Brett Nesfield, Robert Watson
Sir Wymond and 3rd soldier - Trevor Gill
John - Nick Ibbotson
Mary, Jesus Mother - Pam Jackson Vickers
Mary, James' Mother - Claire Mollan
Mary Magdalen - Helen Jarvis
Simon of Cyrene - Anthony Dixon
Street Children - Jack Nesfield, Ruby Miller, George Porter, Anthony Willsher .
Crowd from Boroughbridge High School and the Company of Merchant Taylors

The Pinners Pageant of the Crucifixion, with the Butchers' pageant of the Death of Christ. Brought forth by the Company of Butchers with the Parish Church of St Chad on the Knavesmire. Director Simon Tompsett, Waggon Master David Clapham..
Jesus - Neil Tattersall
1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th soldiers - Chris Hagyard, David Hagyard, Tony Wright, Jamie Tompsett
Mary - Marion Goodrick
Mary Cleophas - Linda Terry
John - Robert Jeffs
1st thief - Simon Tompsett
2nd thief - Paul Yardley
Garcia - Ellie Ibbotson
Joseph of Arimathea - Paul Yates
Nicodemus - Martin Bartlett

The Scriveners' pageant of the Incredulity of Thomas, brought forth by the Guild of Scriveners. Director, David J F Crouch, wagon Master Tony Coker. Play performed in memory of Philip Bowman and Bill Townsend.
Jesus - Adrian Widdowson
Thomas - Ian Bithell
Peter - Tim Hinton
John - John Latimer
James - Graeme Robertson

The Mercers' Pageant of the Last Judgement, brought forth by the Company of Merchant Adventurers, with Pocklington School. Directed by Alan Heaven, Music by Allison Bond, Wagon Master Steven Ryan.
God - Ed Brindley
Jesus - Tomas Moore (also drums)
Angels - Grace Andrews, Miranda Bond
Apostles - Zak Branchette, Ali Moran
Devils - Ed Hetherington, Hugh Stubbins
Lucifer - Josh Baines
Lucifer's Demons - Imogen Heaven, Sam Ryan
Good Souls - Abegayle Buttery, George Ryan, Antonia Selvey, Eve Girling, Ellie Girling
Bad Souls - Ross Cronshaw, Ben Chandler, Claire Stowll, Tanya Rose.

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