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Delma Tomlin Personal Folder : Diary entry by Darrell Buttery, 1996

Item type: Delma Tomlin Personal Folder
Archive reference: YMP/O/5/2
Date/year: 1996
Description: 1996 diary entry, photocopied, about the Mystery Plays.   Darrell Buttery is a York man, a former teacher, a historian and President of York Civic Trust.  He has kept a diary for many years.  This production was for the second time in York Theatre Royal, a slightly shorter version of Liz Lochhead's 1992 script.  In 2012 DB gave this quote in an interview recorded for York Civic Trust's oral history project: 
"I will have been keeping the diary for 40 uninterrupted years when we come to 2014. I never saw it as a diary about me, what it's a diary about, is about York. I think if I had to find some sort of title for the whole thing eventually, I'd try to use a phrase like that I'm Boswell to a city. But it was in 1974 when I came back to teach at Nunthorpe Grammar School that I started the diary and the aim was to record what it was like in York, obviously through my eyes and through what I was doing.  The inspiration for them came particularly because I have always been interested in reading other people's letters, published letters, diaries and so on. And that to me brings history to life in a very, very vivid way. So I've got a very big collection of all of those diaries, letters and so on that have influenced me."

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