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Programmes/Posters : 1998 Cast list in Programme of Wagon Plays Cycle

Item type: Programmes/Posters
Archive reference: YMP/B/17/1
Date/year: 1998
Description: Programme contents: 
Executive and Artistic Director: Jane Oakshott
Costume Supervisor: Pauline Chambers
Musical Director: Richard Rastall
Set Supervisor: Griff Rowlands
Administrative Assistant: Jude Brereton
Patron: Dame Judi Dench

Play 1. The Guild of Building: The Creation of the World to the Fifth Day. Formerly the Plasterers' Play, now brought forth by the York Guild of Building and the York College of Further and Higher Education
Waggon Master: Tony Neal
Assisted by: George Blades, Mark Houston, John Niklaus, John Oakley, Steve Owen, Richard Parkin, Noel Shouksmith, Peter Summers, Colin Young
Joiner for the Production Team: Mike Beausang, Noel Shouksmith and Roger Silk
Designer for York College: Paul Lovie
Design Tutor: Jim Orme
Director: Anthony Ravenhall
God: Brian Wilson and Steve Bielby

Play 2. The Creation of Adam and Eve, formerly the Cardmakers' Play, now brought forth by the Parish of Wheldrake
Wagon Master: Chris Palmer, with Bob Arnold, Tony Baker, Alan Bullock, Andy Freer, Jeff Marston, David Randon
Set design and construction: Chris Palmer, Malcolm Smith
Costumes: Michelle Wayper, with Judith Baker and helpers
Properties: David Randon and helpersMalcolm Smith as God
Art work and backcloth: Ros Burgess, Jean Cox, Margot Hobbs, helpers
Director: Ros Francis
God: Malcolm Smith (pictured aside)
Adam: David Baker
Eve: Eleanor Rowley
Angels: Lucy Allen, Kelly Arnold, Katherine Botting, Philippa Claxton, Zoe Ditch, Jayne Marston, Rebecca Walker
Angel Choir: Rosalind Burgess, Annie Hodgson, Judith Knowles, Cathy Marsh, Jen Massey, Jane Tasker
Choir Director: Robin Black

Play 3. The Fall of Adam and Eve, formerly the Cowpers' Play, now brought forth by Poppleton Players
Wagon Master: Colin Robinson, with Bob Adams, Nicolas Adams, Laura Evans, Nigel Evans, Jenny Major, David Palmer, Colin Robinson, Chris Wilson
Stage Manager: Sally Roberts
Costume: Pat Amor
Director: Sue Foster
Satan: Helen Evans
Eve: Barbara Adams
Adam: John Major
God: Brian Graystone
Angel: David Palmer

Play 4. The Flight into Egypt, formerly the Marshals' Play, now brought forth by Foxwood Community Centre Players.
Wagon Master: Phil Pallister, with Andy Carnegie, James Fraser, Jo Funnell, Mick Gibbons, Carl Powell, Jerry Tidd, Ben Young
Assistant Director: Sue Clark
Set and Props: Eric Clark
Costume: Jean Scott, and Pauline Hillyer
Banner: Jean Jameson
Director: Sharon Scott
Joseph: Mark Powell
Angel: Roger Gibbons
Mary: Annette Marriette
Angel Host: Marie Butler, Heather Ellis, Sheila Gibbons, Bryony Scott

Play 5. The Temptation of Christ, formerly the Smiths' Play, now brought forth by the Guild of Freemen.
Waggon Master: Eddie Errington
Waggon Crew: Members of the Guild of Freemen
Set Design: Ossie Heppell
Set Construction: Richard Cregan
Art Work: Diana Bilton
Wardrobe: Gemma Cairns
Directors' Assistant: Moyra Johnson
Guild Liaison: Roger Lee (clerk to the guild)
Directors: Ossie Heppell and David Wilde
The Devil: Sam Valentine
Jesus: Graham Hudson
1st Angel: Cath Simpkins
2nd Angel: Jane Wilson
Singing Angels: York Minster Girls' Choir, directed by Dr Jo Wainwright

Play 6. The Agony and Betrayal of Christ, brought forth by the Company of Cordwainers.
Waggon Master: Karen Southon with Dringhouses Venture Scouts
Stage Manager: Christopher Foster
Costumes: Brenda Milner and Angela McMullen
Director: Kathleen Foster
Jesus: Kit Bird (Master of the Company)
Peter: Andrew Walker
John: Kingsley Hoffman
James: Paul Stewart
Angel: Jonathan Hicks
Annas: David Phillips
Cayphas: Noel Bakes
Judas: Frank Beckwith
Malchus: Harold Woodworth
1st Soldier: Patrick Waters
2nd Soldier: Michael Woodworth
3rd Soldier: Hyla Campbell
4th Soldier: Andy Aitchinson

Play 7. The Death of Christ, brought forth by Howdenshire Live Arts for the Company of Butchers of the City of York.
Waggon Master: Malcolm Smith, with Dave Clapham, Richard Hudson, Edward Wright, Tony Wright from the Company of Butchers
Set Design: Reid Wilford
Costume Coordinators: Marge Campling, Leslie Warner, Laura Calver
Backstage Assistants: Gavin Taberner, Thomas Ward
Director: Mike Carter
Pilate: Richard Batty
Caiaphas: Craig Thomas
Annas: Chris Eyre
Jesus: Julian Rendall
Mary: Chloe Oakes
John: James Preston
Mary Cleophas: Sarah May
1st Thief: Matthew Pickering
2nd Thief: Christ May
Boy: Maxine Campling
Knight: Mark Woodward
Longinus: Martin Smith
Centurion: Dave Thompson
Joseph of Arimathea: Bill Hyndman
Nicodemus: Arthur Johnson
Soldiers: Tony Moan, Jame Newton, Ken Newton, Robbie Newton

Play 8. The Harrowing of Hell, formerly the Saddlers' Play, now brought forth by St Lukes' Church
Waggon master: Mark Comer, with Eric Horler, Brian Hutchinson, Paul McWhinney, David Smallwood, Mark Stead, Simon Usher, David Willis, June Willis
Set Designer: Mark Comer
Set and Banner Construction: Mark Comer, Linda Price, Kirsty Robinson, Derek Wilkinson
Costume: Lynn Comer, Madge Turner, Marjorie Sharp, Lesley Wilkinson
Musical Director: Alison Morse
Co-directors: Mark Reilly, Mike Tyler
Angelic Host: Jennifer Carter Shaw, Elaine Clough, Philip Cunningham, Liz Davies, Jim Harland, Muriel Harland, Pearlie Humphries, Pam Hutchinson, Natalie James, Sue McWhinney, Alison Morse, Wendy Sculthorp, Marjorie Sharp, Anne Stier, David Titchener, Elaine Titchener, Madge Turner
Devils: Edward Comer. Craig Partington
Children: Owain and Bethan Davies, James McWhinney, Ruth, Sarah and David Price, Michael, Luke and Peter Sculthorp, Richard Walker, Emily and Rachel Wilkinson
Producer: Mike Tyler
Jesus: Mark Reilly
Adam: Danny Walker
Eve: Vanda Nendick
Isaiah: Lee Sculthorp
Simeon: John Stier
Anna: Pauline Wright, Joyce Costello
John the Baptist: Martin Price
Moses: Patrick Hows
Ribald: Gillian Tyler
Beelzebub: Lesley Wilkinson
Satan: Mike Tyler
David: Martin Davies
Belial: Thomas Tyler
Astoreth: Annette Partington
Anaball: Danny Robinson
Baal-Berith: James Tyler
Archangel: Michael Lynn Comer

Play 10. The Incredulity of Thomas, brought forth by the Guild of Scriveners
Pageant Master to the Guild: Bill Townsend
Waggon Crew: Members of the Guild of Scriveners
Production Team: AEW Botting, Graham Burn, M Grewer, Mary Mathews, Andrew Noble, Graeme Robertson, Roger Taylor, Bill Townsend, May Townsend, David Walker, H. Wilkinson
Director: Philip Bowman
Peter: Tim Hinton
John: John Latimer
James: Steve Wilcox
Christ: Roger Dixon
Thomas: Graham Kay
Angels: Margaret McLaren, Karen Russell

Play 10. The Ascension of Jesus Christ, brought forth by the Lords of Misrule for the Company of Merchant Taylors.
Waggon Master: David Crouch, with Simon Trafford, Matthew Camp, Monika Simon, Magda Surrisi, Sarah Williams, David Marshall, Rebekah Gould
Set Designer: Phillip Harris
Production Assistants: Katherine Lewis and Mary Mitchell
Director: David Crouch
Jesus: Robert Jason Wright
Mary: Ann Cooper
St Peter: Michael Gaunt
St James: Martin Barlett
St John: Matt Hofford
St Andrew: Dane Wirsing
Singing Angel: Katherine Lewis
First Speaking Angel: Sibylle Zipperer
Second Speaking Angel: Kathryn Smith

Play 11. The Last Judgement, brought forth by York Settlement Players for the Company of Merchant Adventurers
Waggon Master: Simon Buckley, with the Jorvik Vikings
Liaison Officer: Margaret Drake
Stage Manager: Elaine Somerville
Set Production Manager: Mike Rogers, with Tony Bage, Tony Barton, Dave Hanbury, Monica Nelson
Masks and Props design and production: Mike Bowen
Costume design and production: Helen Taylor, with Olga Bielby
Director: Richard Digby Day
God: John Hall
1st Angel: James Paul
2nd Angel: [missing from programme]
1st Good Soul: Hugh Curristan
2nd Good Soul: Julia Gregory
1stBad Soul: Ruth Ford
2nd Bad Soul: Richard Easterbrook
3rd Angel: Anthony David
1st Apostle (Peter): Peter Major
2nd Apostle (John): Laura Murray
1st Devil: Charles Hunt
2nd Devil: Harold Mozley
3rd Devil: Sian Beynon
Jesus: John Gray
Singing Angels: York Minster Girls' Choir, directed by Dr Jo Wainwright

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