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Programmes/Posters : Programme: 1996 York Cycle of Mystery Plays

Item type: Programmes/Posters
Archive reference: YMP/B/16/1
Date/year: 1996
Description: A4 Souvenir Programme from second Theatre Royal production. 
Contents include: History and Mystery, The Plays in York (including photograph of Robson Green as Christ in 1992 production, and music from 15th century Corpus Christi Play); John Doyle, director; Liz Lochhead, writer/adapter; Mark Bailey, Designer; Richard Jones, Lighting Designer; Pat Garrett, Movement Director; Catherine Jayes, Musical Director/Composer; Back to the Future; Bibles and Belief, The Background to the Plays; Why are the plays known as the Mystery Plays?  All the cast were amateurs, although often very experienced local actors.
Jennifer Alliott Brookes: Solo child at the Nativity
Yvonne Appleby: An Angel
Joanne Arkle: Solo child at the Nativity
Anthony Austin: Joseph, Bartholomew
Thea Balich: Mother at the Slaughter, Townsperson
Laura Beaumont: Messenger from Lazarus
Dianne Beckton: 1st Noah Daughter in Law, A Herod Heavy
Sian Beynon: Urchin at the Cross
Graham Bielby: A Townsperson
Olga Bielby: An Angel
Alan Booty: Abraham, Matthew
Kate Bosworth: Angel, Balladeer, Musician
Samuel Brandon: Chorister
Pritchard Brown: Simeon, Townsperson
Valerie Burgess: 3rd Noah Daugher in Law, Townsperson
Jenny Burrage-Smith: Satan's snake, Mary Magdalen
Anne Collinson: A Townsperson
Gwen Cork: A Townsperson
Sybil Corkhill: A Townsperson
Hugh Curristan: King Caspar, Joseph of Arimathea
David Dale: A Townsperson
Anthony David: Isaac
Leslie Davidof: King Balthazar, Einstein, Musician
Sian Davies: Solo child at the Nativity
Debra Dawson: Angel
Teba Diatta: Solo child at the Nativity
Peter Durham: Adam, Jude
Lorna Dutton: Beelzibub, Knight, Musician
Peter Easterbrook: Young Shepherd
Richard Easterbrook: Noah, Nicodemus
Robert Ellis: John
Matthew Ferguson: Chorister
Ruth Ford: God
James Freeman: Chorister
Charles Gair: Chorister
Sarah Gollins: Herod Heavy
Kelly Greatorex: Townsperson
Roberta Groves: Mother at the Slaugher, Townsperson
John Hall: Herod, Musician
Roy Hargrave: Boss, Townsperson
George Harrison: Pilate's Butler, Townsperson
Martin Harrison: Messenger to Herod
Emma Hartley: Urchin at the Cross
Sarah Harvey: Angel Garbriel, Musician
Alastair Hewish: Chorister
Rebecca Hotchin: Angel
Daniel Hunt: A Herod Heavy, Musician
Madeline Kelly: Assistant Musical Director, keyboards
Vickey Knipe: A Townsperson
Tricia Lane: Elizabeth, a knight
Marc Lawrence: Messenger to Herod
Michael Lightfoot: Isaac
Paddy Long: Young shepherd
Jenna Longbottom: Percula Pilate, Mother at the Slaughter
Michael Lord: King Melchior, Apostle James, Good Thief
Ian Lucas: Lame Man
Lee Maloney: Blind Man, Wymond
Helen McCann: Townsperson
Jan Monson: Angel
Sue Morris: Cayphas
Shirley Morton: Female Shepherd, Townsperson
Harold Mozley: Apostle Andrew
Rory Mulvihill: Jesus Christ
Ged Murray: Messenger from Lazarus
Mandy Newby: Mother at the Slaughter, Shrewish Woman
Lauren O'Rooke Walker: Virgin Mary, Townsperson
Eleanor Oxberry: Urchin at the Cross
Dave Parkinson: Satan-Lucifer, Musician
Katherine Rand: Herod Heavy, Musician
Anne Rees: Angel, Musician
Kay Rennison: Angel, Musician
Katy Rennison: Messenger from Lazarus
Anthony Richmond: Knight, Townsperson
Kalvin Ryder: Messenger to Herod
Robin Sanger: Pilate
John Sharpe: 1st Noah Son, Apostle Peter, Balladeer
Shiela Shouksmith: Mrs Noah, Townsperson
Stephen Sowerby: Apostle Simon
Jode Steele: Messenger to Herod
Tara Stephenson: 2nd Noah Daughter in Law, Townsperson
Tom Stewart: Apostle James the Lesser
Peter Stratford: 2nd Noah Son, Apostle Thomas
Christopher Sutherland: Herod Heavy, Musician
Amy Tayler: Urchin at the Cross
Anna Teale: Eve, Mother at the Slaughter, Townsperson
Elizabeth Thompson: Messenger from Lazarus, Townsperson
Fiona Tucker: Martha Lazarus, Townsperson
Mary Turner: Townsperson
Peter Wade: Annas
Sarah Watson: Townsperson
Vincent Watts: 3rd Noah Son, Apostle Philip, Bad Thief
Lorraine White: Townsperson
Felicity Wilcock: Mary Lazarus
Sian Williams: Mother at the Slaughter, Townsperson
Paul Wilson: Chorister
Maxine Woodman: Angel, Musician
Alastair Young: Ribald, Judas Iscariot
Gwynneth Young: Mary, Mother of Christ, Townsperson
Richard Young: Lazarus, Knight
William Young: Chorister
Milda Zinkus: Herod Heavy, Musician

Director: John Doyle
Designer: Mark Bailey
Musical Director, Composer: Catherine Jayes
Movement Director: Pat Garrett
Lighting Designer: Richard Jones
Sound Designer: Matt Savage
Assistant Director: Duncan Law
Assistant Designer: Totie Smith
Sign Language interpretation on 25 June by Steven Conlon

Front of House: Jackie Beryl, Jean Clemmet, Hilary Fryer, Barry Harper, Lynn Harper, Rebecca Loader, Michelle Mamode, Susan Monfort, Marjorie Rankin, Tricia Sloper, Josie Stenhouse
Marketing: Catherine Alderson, Linda Allen, Jenny Bowes, Steve Bradshaw, Dennis Brewster, Alan Broadfoot, Alison Cowen, Helen Dunham, Susan Elliot, Sue Foster, Sarah Guerrero, Pamela Hartshorne, Michelle Jewell, Alison Nock, Deborah Nock, Melanie Peter, Sian Platt, Barbara Roberts, Auralie Sandercock, Beth Sibbald, Kate Swan, Ann Thomson, Pam Young
Backstage: Sorrel Alexander, Pamela Battersby, Kate Biller, Stella Blackburn, Emma Clark, Andrew Crawshaw, Rachel Earnshaw, Dave Hanbury, Lisa Holdin, Lesley Holmes, Jill Hunter, Graham Knight, Jessica Knight, Louise Lane, Anna-Lisa Metcalfe, Lara Nurse, Dawn Robinson, Vicky Wastney, Thomasina Wragge
Stage Management: Phillipa Baird, Simon Bissett, Debbie Bone, Leila Coupe, Paul Mayhew, Linda Terry
Lighting and Sound: Chris Cunningham, Andrew Fravigar, Stuart Gibbs, James Issitt, Ian Kelly, Brendan Rouse, Anne Stockley, Emma Winter, Timothy Woodhead, Maxine Woodman
Wardrobe: Catherine Boyne, Angela Burt, Jayne Chattaway, Tanya Clark, Janice Dean, Louise Duck, Betty Garvey, Jemma Goodare, Lara Greene Catherine Hadler, Carole Haynes, Mark Jemmeson, Rachel Jones, Louise Larkinson, Wendy Leadbetter, Jenni Mace, Rose MacPherson, Beryl Moor, Diana Oxley, Muriel Pickett, Frances Rourke, Richard Sheed, Catherine Smith, Liz Stamp, Marian Tayler, Brenda Tyler, Hannah White, Lesley Richardson, John Leastwood, prisoners at Her Majesty's Prison, Full Sutton

Company Stage Manager: Carol Thorpe
Deputy Stage Manager: Katrina Nunn
Assistant Stage Manager: Emma Anderson
Wardrobe Supervisor: Carol Williams
Cutters: Bente Kirk, Pauline Chambers, Irene Godfrey
Wardrobe Assistant: Melanie Harris
Chaperones: Lee Beaumont, Rose Hargrave, Bernadette Oxberry, Toni Lunn
Scenic Artists: Liz Reed, Can Collins
Stage Crew: Peter Roberts, Terry Bounds, Patrick Smith, John Muir, John Dixon
Stage Electricians: Mike Harris, Nicola Tedman
Set Built: Top Show
Cross Construction, hydraulics: Hangar Services
Specialist flying by: Trapeze Rigging
Production photographs: Simon Warner
Rehearsal and Workshop Photographs: Steve Bradshaw
Poet in Residence: Tony Morris

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