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Programmes/Posters : 1988 York Festival and Mystery Plays booklet

Item type: Programmes/Posters
Archive reference: YMP/B/13/1
Date/year: 1988
Description: The brochures for the 1988 York Festival and Mystery Plays were very colourful.  Ken Meharg was the colour illustrator.  A flyer opened out to an A4 information sheet.  Below is the cover of the larger four-week programme booklet with prices.  Jude Kelly, Festival Director, said "Whether you are a long term York resident, a serious arts-goer from Toronto, a concerned school teacher from Huntington or a young person from Acomb looking for a fun night out, make the most of it."  The Festival included everything from poetry, to art, to sport and to nature walks.  
1988 booklet

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