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Press Cuttings : Advert 1984: York Festival and Mystery Plays

Item type: Press Cuttings
Archive reference: YMP/F/11/11
Date/year: 1984
Description: An advertisement in Amateur Stage, March 1984, about the Festival and Mystery Plays.
The text: 
York Festival & Mystery Plays
The 1984 York Festival and Mystery Plays will be held from June 8 to July 2, comprising some 400 events - double that of the last festival in 1980, the programme being greatly broadened to take in and include all interests and parts of the community.
The Mystery Plays, directed by Toby Robertson, will comprise a cast of some 300 local people, the only professional actor being in the part of Christ.  The production will be staged in the ruins of St Mary's Abbey - 25 performances in the specially built open-air arena seating 1500.  The programme includes many other theatre performances, concerts etc.
In 1984 the Festival Administrator was Delma Tomlin.
Full programme from York Festival Office, 1 Museum Street, York YO1 2DT (0904-26421 or 642740)
A ticket that year bought by academic Margaret Rogerson cost £5.50

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