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Article about director Jane Howell with photograph.

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Festival Æ76 colour supplement, showing Mary (Jo Woollons) and Joseph (Harry Bridge).

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John the Baptist (Philip Crook) baptises Christ (David Bradley) in the water section of the set.

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Three Kings (Ken Brown, John Ramsden, Larry Coles) visit Jesus at the Nativity, with Joseph (Harry Bridge) and Mary (Jo Woollons).

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Christ (David Bradley) before Pilate (David Hill)

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Christ (David Bradley) and Lucifer (Raymond Platt)

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Scrapbooks : 1976 Scrapbooks

Item type: Scrapbooks
Archive reference: YMP/E/8
Date/year: 1976
Description: We hold a scrapbook compiled and donated by Mrs Eileen Skaife containing material from the Mystery Plays production of 1976, when local actor David Bradley played Christ. Mrs Skaife first started her scrapbooks in 1951. We have recently borrowed and scanned another scrapbook from that year, from the Thomson family.
Last SupperHere is a photograph from the scrapbook, showing the Last Supper.

Below is another picture from the scrapbook, John the Baptist (Philip Crook) posing in the ruins of St Mary's Abbey. On the right can be seen the Yorkshire Museum.

John the Baptist

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