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Programmes/Posters : Christ Before the Elders 1960

Item type: Programmes/Posters
Archive reference: YMP/B/4/2
Date/year: 1960
Description: Programme booklet for the single play of the Spurriers and Lorimers, Christ Before the Elders which was played as part of the York Festival in 1960.  Front cover shows a 15th-century woodcut then held at the British Museum. Price: one shilling. Text in modern English by Canon Purvis. Performed on a pageant wagon in the streets of York during the York Festival.
Cast drawn from Archbishop Holgate's Grammar School and Queen Anne Grammar School.

Joseph: Robert Wilkins / John Faulkner1960 wagon programmme
Mary: Anne Dandy / Christabel Marshall
Jesus: Nicholas Edwards
1st Doctor: Peter Darbyshire
2nd Doctor: Peter Thorndyke
3rd Doctor: Stephen Griffiths
Apprentices: John Atkinson, Peter Chapman, John Marshall
Halberdiers: Andrew Sollitt, Graham Bolch

Producer: David Giles
Associate Producer: Stewart Lackcutting 1960
Designer: Kenneth Mellor
Stage Director: Myra Thomas
Wardrobe Mistresses: Olave Dench, Mary Robinson, Kathleen DeLittle
Settings: Arthur Heppell

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