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Photographs : 2006 Wagon Play programme

Item type: Photographs
Archive reference: YMP/A/21/6/16
Date/year: 9 and 16 July 2006
Description: Filed as YMP/B/25, in 2006 the Mystery Plays were performed on wagons.  Here is a scan of the cover of the Programme, below are the contents.   
2006 programme
Twelve plays performed on 9 and 16 July 2006 in two parts: Part 1 the Fall, Part 2 the Redemption
Pageant Master Dr  Mike Tyler
Music Director Paul Toy
Event Manager Ben Pugh

The Barkers' Pageant of the Fall of the Angels, Presented by Young York Civic Trust

God:-James Bailey
Seraph-: Nichola Murphy
Cherubim-: Felicity Hearn, Sarah Chalk
Lucifer - Fran Coleman 
Second Angel - Megan Heyward, Jo Ellery
Angels - Emily Graham, Sarah Lund, Joanna Wright, Hana Eggleston, Anna Longjaloux-Ball
Director - Paul Toy
Producer - Darrell Buttery
Set Design - Peter Brown
Wagon Team - York Rugby Club

The Plasterer's Pageant of the Creation of the World to the Fifth Day, Presented by the Guild of Building

God - Brian Wilson
Angels - Sammi Fletcher, Thomas Gibson, Laura Jackets, Michelle Buckby, Lauryn Redding, Hayley Norris, Adrianna Calvert, Jamie Furby, Anna Wright, Fional Carmouche, Sam McIntyre, Elizabeth Hope
Director - Anthony Ravenhall
Music - Paul Toy Wagon Master Tony Neal

The Coopers Pageant of the Fall of Man, with an introduction from the Cardmakers' Pageant of the Creation of Adam and Eve, Presented by York St John University College

God - Philippa Grainger
Angel - Michael White
Adam - Neil Tatersall
Eve - Amy Leach
Satan- Lee Gemmell
Director - David Richmond
Set Designer and Wagon Master - John Merrylees
Costume designer - Chris Lee

The Masons' and Goldsmiths' Pageant of Herod and the Magi, Presented by the Company of Merchant Taylors and All Saints' RC School

Herod - Rob Marks
Kings - Nathan Green, Oliver O'Shea, Mathew Freeman, Katy Baskerfield
Herod's Son - Fred Hall
Messenger - Daniel Petrie
Counsellors - Rachel Hoffman, Benedict Rowe
Handmaid - Jenny BeerMerchant Taylors at Playing Station
Mary - Katherine King 
Angel - Elizabeth Fisher
Joseph - Will Lirkpatrick
Angels - Tom Wright, Catherine Barber, Nathalie Bunney, Chris Whitwood, Rachel Butler
Slave Girls - Michelle Kokayi, Shannon Lewis, Monica Haritakis
Company Pageant Master - Alan Appleby
Director - Mrs Ged Cooper
Musical Director -- Ruth Oxley
Waggon Master - James Baldwin

The Spurriers' and Lorimers' Pageant of Christ and the Doctors in the Temple, Presented by the Guild of Scriveners

Jesus - Josh King
Joseph - Tim Hinton
Mary - Lindsay Townsend
First Master - Jean Jesty
Second Master - Adrian Widdowson
Third Master - John Latimer
First doctor - Steven Knowles
Second Doctor - Graeme Robertson
Third Doctor - David Brigham
Pole bearers - Tony Cocker, Jonathan Singleton, Keith Turner
Director - Philip Bowman
Pageant Master - Bill Townsend
Artistic Designer - May Townsend
Choreographer - Trevor Kay

The Smiths' Pageant of the Temptation of Christ, Presented by the Gild of Freemen

Devil - Alan Lyons
Jesus - Ben Fogarty
First, second, third angels - Tessa Wilde, Hannah Hume, Carly Dndy
Director - David Wilde
Set Design - Richard Cregan
Pageant team - staff of Nestle UK
The play was presented in memory of Ossie Heppell

The Skinners' Pageant of the Entry into Jerusalem, presented by the Parish Church of St Luke

Jesus - Tom Frere
Peter - Martin Davies
Philip - Martin Sheppard
Porter - Dion Smith
Citizens - Aniko Sheppard, Susannah Thorne, Lesley Wilkinson, Steve Benford, Linda Price, Simon Usher, Lynne Comer, Carolin Esser
Blind Man  - James Sheppard
Poor Man - Dominic Benford 
Lame Man - James Tyler
Zaccheus - Mark Comer
Director - Mark Reilly
Musical Director - Alison Morse, musician Dominic Benford
Set Designer - Mark Comer
Wagon Master - Paul Smith
Costume designer - Lynn Comer

The Pinners and Painters' Pageant of the Crucifixion, Presented by the Company of Butchers and the Parish Church of St Chad

Christ - Robert Jeffs
Soldiers 1, 2, 3, 4 - David Hagyard, Chris Hagyard, Jerry Ibbotson, Jamie Searle
Director - SimonTompsett (also soldier) 
Wagon master - David Clapham
Costumes - Gill Cooper
The Butchers' Waggon is the first to have been specially built for a Mystery play for perhaps 500 years.

The Saddlers' Pageant of the Harrowing of Hell, Presented by the Company of Cordwainers with the choir of the Parish Church of St Olave

Jesus - Kit Bird
Satan - Sam Valentine
Beelzebub - Charles Hunt
Simeon - David Hall
Isaiah - Andrew Waller
King David - Martin Bartlett
John the Baptist - Ged Murray
Michael the Archangel - Lisa Valentine
Moses - Noel Bakes
Adam - Ian Bithell
Eve - Rachel Hollingworth
Ribald - Lesley Dixon
Belial - Pamela Frank
Ball-Berith - Dot Bennett-Pitkin
Astoreth - Angela McMullen
Anaball - Leah Buchanan
Anna - Barbara Revell
Anna's servant - Helen Buchanan
Director - Kathleen Foster
Wardrobe - Angela McMullen
Set Design - James Webster
Waggon master - Chris Foster
Choir Master - John Hastie

The Winedrawer's Pageant of Christ and Mary Magdalene with an introduction from the Carpenters' Pageant of the Resurrection, Presented by Heslington Church with the church's Korean Choir

Pilate - Lee Maloney
Caiaphas - Robert Cummings
Anna - Chris Rawson
Centurion - Peter Hildebrand
1st, 2nd, 3rd knights - Ian Fowles, Adrian Telfer, Orwell Mushaikwa
Mary Magdalene - Lind Ali
Mary Cleophas - Jacqui Chainey
Mary Salome - Marie Glenton
1st, 2nd angels - Unja Ely, Francesca Sanderson
Angel child - Natasha Sanderson
Director - Lee Maloney
Set Designer - Michael Wall
Wardrobe - Linda Maloney, Margaret Cummings
Wagon Master - Chris Cadman

The Potters' Pageant of the Descent of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, Presented by Pocklington School

Mary - Aimie Neighbour
Peter - Tom Kay
James - Oliver Wride
John - Andrew Pearce
Latin Apostle - Jessica Marshall
Apostles - Stuart Pearce, Tristan Heaven, Ben Chandler, Gina Reay, Olivia Hart, Rosie Bristow, Eve Ashforth, Ben Dawes
Doctors - Sam Cowley, Dan Matthews
Angels - Chloe Johnson, Charles Smith, Claire Eveson
Director - Alan Heaven, Emma Cunningham
Designer - Alan Heaven
Music - Charles Wride
Costumes - Felicity Stephenson

The Mercers' Pageant of the Last Judgement, Presented by the Company of Merchant Adventurers with York Settlement Players

God - Ruth Ford, Tim Holman
Jesus - Paul Stonehouse
1st, 2nd, 3rd Angels - Ben Adams, Michael Monaghan, Joni Sufi
1s, 2nd Good Souls - Barbara Miller, Robon Sanger
1st, 2nd Bad Souls - Julia Gregory, Alan Reed
1st , 2nd Apostle - Julie Craggs, Roberto Machado
1st, 2nd, 3rd Devils - Lois Ward, Nigel Adams, Barbara Boyce
Director - Richard Digby Day
Music - Paul Toy
Set Design - Mike Rogers
Costume - Helen Taylor
Wagon Master - Flight Lieutenant Paul Sewart
Wagon Team - 110 and 2487 Squadrons, Air Training Corps

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