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Photographs : 2006 Wagon Play photos

Item type: Photographs
Archive reference: YMP/A/21/6/12
Date/year: 2006
Photographs archived at YMP/A/22 indicate 2006.  Here are some colour photos of the wagon plays that year.  
The Scriveners performed the play in which Jesus as a boy demonstrates his precocious talent.  This play had scenes set by painted back-screens, and the play was performed on the ground, not on a wagon. Jesus stays behind in Jerusalem. Mary and Joseph have to seek him and they find him disputing with the learned doctors in the temple.  Here in King's Square, Mary and Joseph have stopped on the way home to Nazareth and call for Jesus.
Seeking young Jesus, 2006

Young Jesus with Doctors 2006

Below is Jesus with the learned Doctors in the temple.  Today's Guild of Scriveners are representing the doctors.

At another location, in front of St William's College, the Guild of Freemen have produced a wagon play with Christ being tempted in the wilderness, protected by angels.  Ben Fogarty played Christ.
Jesus tempted 2006

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