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Programmes/Posters : Programme for 1957 production in scrapbook

Item type: Programmes/Posters
Archive reference: YMP/B/3/1
Date/year: 1957
Description: In scrapbook made by Eileen Skaife, a general programme from the York Cycle of Mystery Plays, part of the York Festival. Published by the York Festival Society Limited. Price: 1 shilling.
Contents: Introduction by Canon Purvis; Argument of the Plays; Mystery Play Music; The Relics of St Mary's Abbey by G. W. O. Addleshaw.

Text: ed. Reverend Canon J. S. Purvis
Producer: E. Martin Browne
Designer: Norah Lambourne
Director of Movement: Geraldine Stephenson
Lighting Directory: Percy Corry
Stage Director: Anthony Yates
Music: 15th-century carols and music from the Fountains Fragments edited by John Stevens (now British Library, Additional Manuscripts 40011B, 40011B*)
Alec DeLittle 1957
God the Father: Frank Shelley
Archangel Michael: John Westbrook
Archangel Gabriel: Eric Goodall
Lucifer (Satan): Robert Rietty
Angels: Catherine Barker, Cynthia Barron, Susan Burkestone, Christine McHugh, Hilary Parker, Judith Shaw, Marie Watson, Mavis Williams
Belzabub: Gerald Morden
Belial: Brian Mosley
1st Devil: Paul Mead
2nd Devil: Charles Osborne
Adam: John White
Eve: Sheila Barker
Abraham: Reginald Dench
Isaak: Oswald Heppell
Doctor: Martin Colborn
Isaiah: Peter Jones
Mary: Judi Dench
Joseph: Norman Tyrrell
First Maid: Bernice Stewart
Second Maid: Linda Millen
First Shepherd: David Cobb
Second Shepherd: Cyril Edghill
Third Shepherd: David Smith
First King: Kelvin Higgins
Second King: Raymond Gatenby
Third King: Roger Rowland
John the Baptist: Gordon Willett-Bakke
Jesus: Brian Spink
Woman taken into Adultery: Kathleen Martin
First Jew: Terrence Sutcliffe
Second Jew: Michael Gagen
First Doctor: Alfred Bristow
Second Doctor: Theo Bruce
Messenger: Anne Taylor
Mary of Bethany: Eve Heber-Percy Mary of Bethany 1957
Martha: Dorothy Anderson
Lazarus: John Heu
Keeper of the Gates: Leslie Wright
1st Citizen: Ronald Burkestone
Blind man: Arthur Naylor
Peter: Stewart Lack
James: David Cobb
Thomas: Roger Rowland
Andrew: Albert Pratt
Zacchaeus: Wilfred Loftus
Wife to Zacchaeus: Mary Malden
Lame Man: George Cressey
Philip: Raymond Gatenby
John: John Langton
Apostles: Kelvin Higgins, R. Mouncey, Peter Murray-Rust, Martin Raper, Stanley Stewart
The Lord Mayor: John Westbrook
Judas: Claude Oglethorpe
Annas: Laurence Ward
Portress: Lilian Pickering
Caiaphas: Alec de Little
Malchus: Bryan Mosley
Jewish soldiers: John Kim, Geoffrey Atkinson, Charles Osborne, Peter Charlton
Woman by the fire: Eileen Skaife
Pilate: John Gatrell
Percula: Theresa Green
Maid: Hilary Moyle
Beadle: Philip Clarke
Son to Pilate: Stewart Feather
Roman soldiers: Derek Ball, Peter Wilson, Keith Sutcliffe, Bernard Keen, David Houghton, Harry Green, Michael Madden, Brian Nash
Barabbas: Bryan Mosley
Mary Magdalene: Jean Buckle
Simon of Cyrene: Stanley Stewart
Mary Cleopas: Barbara Hughes
Boy at the Cross: Michael Lehrer
Joseph of Arimathaea: Martyn Colborn
Nichodemus: Norman Tyrrell
David: H. Campbell-Baron
Citizens: Leonie Alderwick, Maureen Ault, Eileen Barker, Mary Booker, Hilda Bristow, Brenda Burkestone, Pat Butters, Doris Clarke, Margaret Coley, John Cross, Olave Dench, Eileen Dobson, Gillian Emmett, Christine Griffin, Margaret Hibbs, Catherine Hind, Mavis Hitchcock, June Holyoake, Rose Jacklin, Peter Johnson, Laurence Lister, Johnathan Lutman, Paul Marquis, Shelagh Martin, Anne Morris, Pamela Newcomb, Margaret Nixon, Arthur Pickering, Beryl Richardson, Kathryn Smith, Michael Tuthill, Eileen Watson, Ann Whipp
Country Folk: Keith Anderson, Anne Atkinson, Michael Aubrey, Anne Bentley, Gladys Benton, Monica Booth, Roger Boston, Shirley Bowland, Frank Brown, James Cameron, Oliver Clark, John Cockerell, Harold Covel, George Dale, Carole Eden, Mollie Green, Lili Lewins, Brian McKenna, Eleanor Milner, Anne Morley, Clive Mortimer, Alec O'Connor, Bobby Oswald, Terence Pemberton, Freda Pickard, C. W. Rawling, Brenda Ray, Patrick Read, Joyce Robinson, Margaret Rooks, Michael Ruse, Pamela Schofield, Doreen Smith, Jack Tweedle, Brian Waggitt, Margaret Ward, George Wickham, James Wilkinson, Gordon Wood

Mystery Play Music: Schola Polyphonica, conducted by Henry Washington; the Philip Jones Brass Ensemble, directed by Denis Stevens, who is also responsible for the transcription and editing of the music from sources contemporary with the plays.

Assistant to the Producer: Barbara Sykes
Stage Director: Myra Thomas
Stage Manager: Edward Scurr
Assistant Stage Managers: Madeline Blackeney, Barbara Damron, Mary Thomas
Wardrobe Mistresses: Olave Dench, Mary Robinson, Kathleen DeLittle
Property Mistress: Kathleen DeLittle
Front of House Manager: R. L. Rodger
Deputy Front of House Manager: W. Smith
Cast Marshal: Kenneth Matthews

Wardrobe Group: Mesdames Benfield, Blenkin, Byetheway, Craven, Dawson, Hall, Killip, Lawn, McLean, McClenaghan, Maynard, Pim, Rankin, Simpson, Tye, Tatton, Vaughan-Jones, M. Walker, N. Walker; Mlles. Gallimore, Purvis.
Property Assistants: Marjorie Scurr, Eileen Andrewarthur, Ruth Dawson, Joan Fawcett, Ena Mather, Harold Milner.
Assistant Cast Marshals: Patricia Cowell, William Cowell, John Harbottle, Malcolm E. Douglas, Kenneth Wardle.
Music recorded by: Recorded Sound Limited.
Lighting by Strand Electric.
Scenery built by Arthur Heppell and Mills Scaffolding Company Ltd.
Lighting Equipment installed by the Strand Electric and Engineering Company Ltd.
Stands build by Mills Scaffolding Company Ltd.
Sound Equipment by Recorded Sound Ltd.

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